maidreamin Special

NePt Japan to host Japanese MAIDREAMIN and momoMC to #AX2016

NePt Japan and the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation’s yearly event Anime Expo ”AX”, announce special guests from Japan, maidreamin, and international star momoMc will be performing at AX 2016.

Maidreamin, a Maid Café restaurant in Japan was founded in 2008 and has grown to become the largest maid cafe chain in the world with over 16 locations and over 400 servants from Japan and around the world. This year three of maidreamin’s most loved and awarded maids will play host at Anime Expo as “maidreamin Special Unit: 003”. The AX Maid Café will host the maidreamin experience this weekend during AX 2016.



NePt Japan and Anime Expo are also proud to have world-famous Japanese artistic pole dancer, momoMc (pronounced “MOMO MAC”) host AX’s Night Cafe. Her performances will be each night at 7 PM, 9 PM, and 11 PM during Anime Expo. momoMc, is the prestigious Grand Award Winner of the 2015 International Pole Theater Japan, Comedy category, and Pole Battle Tokyo, SEXY category awards. Her technique and style developed over the last decade are more amazing than you can imagine and have earned her the exclusive title “Official Pole Dancer” of the largest club in Asia, the ageHA. Her athleticism will amaze, her cuteness will melt your heart, and her sensuality will leave you wanting more.