Love Live Sunshine Aquors Anime

Aqours is the name for the group of girls from Love Live! Sunshine

After a stage of voting, which already we had informed them, finally it has revealed the name given to the group of girls in the new history within the franchise Love Live! titled Love Live! Sunshine.

Love live Sunshine

This name is Aqours (ア ク ア) and received 4644 votes of the 23.789 that were recorded in total.

In that sense, the names that were in 2 and third place votes are revealed:

aqours Love Live

Remember the list of names that were put to the vote:

  • 1. Aqours A portmanteau of the words “aqua” and “ours”.
  • 2. 浦の星少女隊 (Uranohoshi Shoujotai lit. Uranohoshi Girls CorpsSimple is best. A group name attached to the Uranohoshi school name which the nine girls attend.
  • 3. Orange’squash A refreshing image of citrus. A perfect name for the girls who live surrounded by orange groves.
  • 4. 歌音 (KanonA name derived from the musical definition of “canon”. A name that holds the meaning of chasing one’s dreams.
  • 5. KiSeKi (lit. Miracle) Symbolizing a wish for them to become a school idol group that can create miracles.
  • 6. Sakuya Named after the goddess of Mt. Fuji, “Konohana no Sakuya-hime”, it is a name bearing a Shizuoka feel. TL note: Shizuoka is the prefecture where Mt Fuji is, as well as where Sunshine!! takes place.
  • 7. SS’s (pronounced as Sunshines) A name that also contains the meaning of “Save” the “School”.
  • 8. 潮風sail (Shiokaze seiru lit. Sea breeze sailA concept based on the feeling of wind the visual portrayed. The idea was born from a combination of the sea plus the sailor uniform’s image.
  • 9. シャイニーズ (Shainizu lit. ShiniesA name based on their desire to become a shining school idol group.
  • 10. シャンティ (Shanti ceanTeaA name based on Shizuoka’s image, combining the words “ocean” and “tea”.
  • 11. Stella A word meaning “stars” in Italian. To become school idols shining brightly with their own light!
  • 12. Spica The brightest star of the Virgo constellation. A wish to become an existence that shines brightly within the school.
  • 13. Soleil A French word meaning “sun”. Based off the image of the “Sunshine” title.
  • 14. Palettes! Combining the different colors of all nine characters, hoping to create new colors. The name’s point is that it has 9 characters.
  • 15. Lir The name of the sea god in Celtic mythology. Also a word that holds the meaning of “sea”.

What do you think about the name chosen? Do you think these girls achieve such popularity as our beloved μ’s?

Source: Dengeki G’s.