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Vamps: Exclusive interview with Hyde and K.A.Z before their concert in Mexico.

Last Saturday on the 3rd of October an event occurred that a lot of people will always remember for a very long time, and by popular demand, the Japanese band VAMPS headed by Hyde (L’Arc~en~Ciel) and K.A.Z (Oblivion Dust) appeared at the Pepsi Center, to show their latest material Bloodsuckers.  


In collaboration with our friends from Yomu and thanks to the facilities provided by them, we had the opportunity to mentioned said members. Keep reading and look at what they responded in what has been aptly called an “interview with the vampire” :

  1. Welcome. How do you guys fell coming to Mexico?

Hyde: It was a bit strange, because we felt bad in the beginning, when we knew that the fans were expecting us for years, and the fact of finally being here, it’s a huge relief. We are very happy.

2.  How did you guys feel on the feedback of the fans?

Hyde: Honestly I felt very excited, most of all by the fact that so many people would come to visit us and get to know us. Including at the airport, we had to go out from another door and it was amazing to see how many people received us. When I saw them, I felt very excited thinking that today’s concert was going to be great.


3. Did you guys ever imagine being in Mexico?

Hyde: In fact during the planning of the world tours, we always have included Mexico, but the fact of incorporating it was not always being able to come. Finally the fact of having to come to this country, makes us very happy.

4. Of course talking to VAMPS and vampires of course. What do you consider seductive to these iconic characters?

Hyde: A personal opinion, I think that vampires have many problems because of the fact that they are working every night and having to deal with the cops too. (Laughs) So the fact that I consider myself as part of them tells me I have to learn to live at night and therefore should certainly be very difficult to live that way.


5. What is your inspiration in your songs? What is the process that you guys follow to begin writing a song?

KAZ: The first thing that I think about is I must create something that pledge to the people and of course, that music should inspire me as well.

6. Which artist or bands serve as an inspiration for you guys?

Hyde: As such, our inspiration come from American metal bands and also from England such as Metallica and Motley Crue.


7. If you could recommend certain songs for those that are barely listening for the first time and if so which one?

Hyde: Without a doubt would be Zero. I refer of course the song “Zero” not that we don’t have any other songs to recommend (laughs)


8. In 2013 and thanks to Live Viewing Japan, we were able to enjoy( at least by a giant theater screen) your concert in Zepp Diver City Tokyo and caused great furor among fans of our country. What did you guys think of these type of official projections in which a lot of toher countries can enjoy your presentations even if they aren’t live?

Hyde: I feel that it was like a long distance relationship, we love each other mutually but we can find each other physically, I am very romantic that we finally have found each other even if it was through a movie screen and thought, he was just on the other side of the world.

9.  From what you have seen from your fans in Mexico. What do you think is the main difference between your followers in Japan?

Hyde: For starters it’s the voice. First and foremost I wanna talk about fans in Latin America, who thanks to our tour we could already tell that is basically their voice is very different from what we have heard before and the trouble is that as long as we could not live more with Mexican fans, we cannot compare it at all. 


10. What have you heard about Mexico before this visit? Is there something that appeals to you or want to visit?

Hyde: Mmmm, Mexico. … I like those crunchy tortillas with salsa. … Oh yes! The nachos and the wine is very delicious, I love them! That’s my image about Mexico.

11. Did you have the opportunity of trying something to eat in Mexico that you guys like more?

Hyde: We haven’t had the opportunity yet of trying lost of things, but yesterday we came, had some tacos. They gave us some tortillas in which we had to add the ingredients. 

12. Last but not least. Is there a message you would like to leave to fans in Mexico before heading to the stage?

Hyde: If we had not seen each other for a long time, only in theaters (smiles) and already we can finally share this explosive energy, so I’m very excited to be able to feel it tonight.

It was so after this interview Hyde and KAZ parted simply saying “Thank you, Thank you very much!” (In Spanish) And smiled.


Without a doubt it was amazing to share just a few minutes with the main members of this band before their first presentation in Mexico, in which we are very sure will be an exciting moment for all of us to remember.